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Fly-tipping in Pembrokeshire

There have been 5 reports of fly-tipping in Pembrokeshire over the last month.

Fly-tipping in B4325
One purple bag with human waste & 2 other bags of rubbish & a pile of grass cuttings. The purple bag is open & human waste is very evident so is a hazard to animals, & children as well as as adults.
Fly-tipping in Glebelands
Newly done tarmac path joining Johnston sport fields. Private waste, cutoffs and rubish dampened where people go for walk, jog or bike ride.
Fly-tipping in Great North Road
Many black binbags, broken children's toys and building waste.Has been there since about Christmas time. In a well used alleyway between Gregille Road and Lidle. Directly behind, and possibly linked to, a house. Currently obstructing path.
Fly-tipping in A477
The first photo is on Military Rd on r/hand side coming towards Mastlebridge. The second is the lay-by as per map.
Fly-tipping in Scoveston Road
1 TV set. Bags of rubbish & litter
Fly-tipping in Scoveston Road
A TV set, bags of something(?), other litter
Fly-tipping in Hazelbeach Road
2 black bin liners
Fly-tipping in Church Road
A bag of rubbish with old bits of wood just dumped by the side of the road. Down from the lay-by on the rh side as you approach the junction to turn right to Waterstone. The photo is the orange bag
Fly-tipping in Church Road
Recycling bag full of rubbish. An old shopping bag & junk. Down the a road a bit a carpet
Fly-tipping in Hill Street
Fly-tipping in Fair Oakes
Kids toys ,cot gas bottles
Fly-tipping in B4341
Carpet and beer box