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Fly-tipping in Cornwall

There have been 10 reports of fly-tipping in Cornwall over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Garden waste and plastic
Fly-tipping in Tregarrian Road
It's obvious Old white goods, rubbish, old Boat trailer And all over grown damaging our fence
Fly-tipping in Trenowah Road
Dumped in Hedgerow on Trenowah road just down from Football Golf on left hand side sink and other bathroom items
Fly-tipping in Trenowah Road
This rubbish has been dumped on the footpath near the football Golf
Fly-tipping in Brook Place
Black Mercedes PN09 BBF a woman pulled a Large Metal object out of their car on Glasney playing field then proceeded to dump it in the bushes, she then turned around and drove off. woman with red hair and a tracksuit.
Fly-tipping in Polmeere Road
Building rubble left in plastic bags and filled up a wheelie bin at the back of polmeere Road by polmeere House..... This has been done by number 84 polmeere Road, as they had there wall rendered and left all cement rendering outside our garden.
Fly-tipping in Axford Hill
Waste now removed but this still needs investigating. Pictures should identify the takeaway in PL12 according to one box. Mostly bulk bought and not the only stuff from this takeaway discarded in this area.
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Building rubbish, near dereliction control tower on runway
Fly-tipping in New Road
Looks like a washing machine, a couple of TVs, a fence, childrens toys, bags and various other bits. Proceed down Adit Lane and it's easily spotted on the right of the lane just over the hedge about 50 yards from the top of the road.
Fly-tipping in B3274
Sofa bed and microwave and household rubbish all thrown over from flat above
Fly-tipping in A30
Chyanalls lane 200 yards on right
Fly-tipping in West Lane
Fridge freezer on grass verge on West Lane close to Meldon Park.