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Fly-tipping in Cornwall

There have been 13 reports of fly-tipping in Cornwall over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Maria's Lane
Fridge cooker and building debris dumped on 23 July
Fly-tipping in B3266
Two plastic carrier bags of broken up plaster board. In the lay-by to first farm gate on RHS on the lane from the turning to St Tudy as you come off the B3266 Camelford to Bodmin direction
Fly-tipping in Lodenek Avenue
Lino, Bag of Stones, General Crapology from the last 20 years.
Fly-tipping in Boyd Avenue
Turf from pathway into Doctors Surgery Carpark.
Fly-tipping in Sarah's Lane
A car wheel, collapsible road sign, two bags of clothes, bottles and paperwork and general rubbish. I bagged the rubbish to contain it on site, now awaiting collection.
Fly-tipping in Lodenek Avenue
Lino, Rubble, Wood, Car Parts, Pebbles etc — the fish box, only used to gather up what I could. Area historically used as a dumping ground. (First left after the Tesco entrance, heading almost all the way down the road, gap in garages on right)
Fly-tipping in Broads Lane
Baby seat dumped in layby on Comfort Road near Broads Lane Mylor Bridge
Fly-tipping in B3247
Kayak and paddle CCTV footage available
Fly-tipping in Pinch Hill
General house hold rubbish Left in lane just of the road
Fly-tipping in B3247
Wood and building waste
Fly-tipping in Earl's Drive
Waste litter has been cleared by a local resident, looks as though they have had a party and not wanted to take waste home, photo shows a box with name & address on.
Fly-tipping in Pound Lane
3 black bags of waste duped by side of road