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Fly-tipping in Cornwall

There have been 16 reports of fly-tipping in Cornwall over the last month.

Fly-tipping in Broads Lane
Baby seat dumped in layby on Comfort Road near Broads Lane Mylor Bridge
Fly-tipping in Pinch Hill
General house hold rubbish Left in lane just of the road
Fly-tipping in Pound Lane
3 black bags of waste duped by side of road
Fly-tipping in Crabtree Lane
Saw my neighbours of 18 foster drive with mattresses attached to their car this afternoon and hours later there are mattresses dumped on the Crabtree lane road down the Lane
Fly-tipping in The Charlandes
Sofa dumped on side of road, on Cal Hill
Fly-tipping in B3252
Single mattress dumped on hedge in lay-by.
Fly-tipping in Ranelagh Road
Tyres x 5
Fly-tipping in Old Road
Two mattresses white in colour
Fly-tipping in Trevollard Lane
Black bags with dog waste
Fly-tipping in Alamein Road
Mattress & bin liners & various other plastics. The location is on the grassed area with two sycamore trees on. Between Alamein Rd & Church Rd.
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
White plastic sack of broken plasterboard under blue weak bridge sign on grass verge
Fly-tipping in Menear Road
Menear road on verge