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Fly-tipping in Northern Ireland

There have been 10 reports of fly-tipping in Northern Ireland over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Whinney Hill
This is a regular occurrence at Hugo Perry’s patch of land on Whinney Hill Holywood. This video was taken today 4/12/23 at 12.51 in the afternoon. House clearance type business’s and gardeners tip their waste there & pay him and burns it.
Fly-tipping in Castlecat Road
Two large bin bags which have burst and items have been strewn over the road and on grass verge outside our property. Items such as a doll, child’s potty and other rubbish left lying.
Fly-tipping in Laurel Bank
Oil tank (in two parts) removed from property 82 Mill Street comber and left at entrance to Laurel Bank BT23 5EJ
Fly-tipping in Stoney Road
Household waste dumped on roadside. Now being dragged along the road.
Fly-tipping in Seacliff Road
Pallet dumped by Guillemot deli at the entrance to apartments @ 8 Seacliff Road becoming a regular occurrence.
Fly-tipping in Church Street
Household items, children's scooters / pedal car, kitchen bins prams.
Fly-tipping in Manse Road
Large box dumped. Owners name on the box, hopefully you will find and fine tgem
Fly-tipping in Mourne View
Appears to be from a fast food business
Fly-tipping in Seacliff Road
Local business dumped pallet on footpath 9th September 2022 becoming a regular occurrence.
Fly-tipping in Begny Road
2 rubbish bags dumped filled with dirty nappies
Fly-tipping in Springwell Road
Household waste at entrance to golf centre
Fly-tipping in Carnaghliss Road
When I arrived home on 3rd August 2022 I could see that this mattress had been dumped 100 metres from my front gate.