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Fly-tipping in Northern Ireland

Fly-tipping in Smyth Crescent
2 fridges, 2 televisions and rubbish black bags. More appearing every night.
Fly-tipping in Northland
Sofa chair etc dumped in little pond.
Fly-tipping in Moyad Road
Tyres and rubbish down the bank along the road at crocknafolea and tyres and rubbish at the S at spelga.
Fly-tipping in Sycamore Road
Rubbish and rubble
Fly-tipping in Tullyrusk Road
Fly-tipping in Carnaghliss Road
Rubbish dumped on the same road I crashed into a fly tipped fridge and damaged my car- still isn’t fixed and nobody is taking responsibility
Fly-tipping in Sycamore Road
Personal rubbish
Fly-tipping in Sunningdale
Washing Machine and other items
Fly-tipping in Taylors Avenue
Cars, car and van doors, fridges, car exhausts and bumpers, piles of tyres, pet cages, fenced trailers, assorted rubbish on the pavement corner adjacent to number 44 Taylors Avenue. Been there in various states with changing rubbish for years.
Fly-tipping in Castlecat Road
Waste thrown onto green area. Awful mess and dangerous to public. Some items falling onto the road and posing a real danger to passing cars. Also approximately 20 tyres left by the road side.
Fly-tipping in Sunninghill Gardens
Large green bag of Christmas waste from Boxing day
Fly-tipping in Wheelers Road
Household waste dumped yet again