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Fly-tipping in Northern Ireland

Fly-tipping in Mullaghsandall Road
Rubbish has been dumped over wall at bridge and is on embankment and in river possibly polluting river.
Fly-tipping in Millmount Road
General rubbish, floor line, wash basket. Opposite Millar’s Lane pumping station
Fly-tipping in Baird Walk
a neighbour dumping in another neighbours garden
Fly-tipping in Cuan Place
Empty, beer and wine bottles. A complete disgrace to the council who are unable to manage this bottle bank. Regular occurrence to the outrage of elderly residents. Strangers drive here to dump bottles all over the street, unchallenged by council.
Fly-tipping in Moss Road
Household rubbish.
Fly-tipping in New Line
House hold rubbish, electrical items and mattress.
Fly-tipping in Cuan Place
Empty beer, wine, spirit bottles. Old clothes general waste. A regular occurrence as North Down and Ards Council, Arc21 and elected representatives ignore this ongoing issue. A public health menace unopposed by a flaccid council.
Fly-tipping in Commons Hall Road
A number of bags filled with beer cans and other rubbish has been dumped in a lay-by, and in a run down shed next to an old cottage belonging to my family. Building rubble has also been dumped in the hedges directly opposite.
Fly-tipping in Rickamore Road
Builder's waste on the road.
Fly-tipping in Thornberry Hill
Burnt bits of metal mostly.Dumped by a flat back lorry,it had a white cab and a bright blue colour running from the cab to the back.Also had writing on lorry,digger hire.
Fly-tipping in Saintfield Road
Waste dumped at front and behind building
Fly-tipping in Terrydremont Road
mattresses, televisons, plastic and lots more mostly domestic. Not just in one spot, a few dumping spots along the Terrydremont road nearer the Drumaduff end. Easily seen when you drive down that road. Quite a smell now in the good weather.