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Fly-tipping in Somerset

There have been 74 reports of fly-tipping in Somerset over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Saint John Street
Yesterday 12.5.22, the resident of the white door house was having a new carpet fitted. Today 13.5.22 the old carpet and a white bag has been placed to the left side (in to Cranleigh gardens)as you look at the white door head on
Fly-tipping in Withy Road
In gateway, Withy Road, West Huntspill
Fly-tipping in Tolley's Lane
Washing machine dumped at the top of the footpath where it joins Tolley's Lane by the A30
Fly-tipping in A30
A boat full of rubbish in the layby at the top of Mal's Mead Lane adjacent to the A30
Fly-tipping in Walnut Drive
Wooden doors and car tyres.
Fly-tipping in High Street
Under archway next door to Peters hairdressers Cross street
Fly-tipping in Whitaker Road
Rubbish bags been out 3 weeks now rats have got
Fly-tipping in Graham Road
Fridge freezer
Fly-tipping in Houndwood Drove
Discarded broken chair
Fly-tipping in Long Moor Drove
Approx 17 vehicle tyres dumped on side of road & on hedgerow for a distance of 280metres heading westerly from Cripps River bridge, between 9.00am 01/05/2022 to 08.00am 02/05/2022.
Fly-tipping in Lopen Lane
In public footpath entranceway from Lopen lane.
Fly-tipping in A30
A boat has been dumped in the lay by.