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Fly-tipping in Lanarkshire

There have been 7 reports of fly-tipping in Lanarkshire over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Glenboig Road
By the roadside. Various domestic waste.
Fly-tipping in Swinstie Road
Beds, mattresses, blankets, toys, tyres, nappies, broken tiles, chair, freezer
Fly-tipping in Drumcavel Road
Household waste and renovation detritus.
Fly-tipping in Torbothie Road
Go past hawthorn drive and first left! It’s dumped before the bollard. Lots of glass which is dangerous for wildlife and also workers picking it up!
Fly-tipping in Millcroft Road
Misc household waste dumped in lay-by on LHS Millcroft rd, coming from Luggiebank approx 300yds after passing u def A73
Fly-tipping in Second Avenue
Fly-tipping in Glasgow and Edinburgh Road
Exactly the same spot as the previously reported issue in March. Been tidied but several loads have been dumped again
Fly-tipping in Dellburn Street
Fridge freezer dumped on pavement disgusting tbh Why do people want the town they stay in looking like a stinking dump,USE A RECYCLING CENTRE and school kids should be taught at school what a BIN is used for
Fly-tipping in Drumcavel Road
Household, building and renovation waste.
Fly-tipping in Stirling Road
Building materials wood house old waist
Fly-tipping in Ballochney Road
Bathroom suite plaster board wood pipes and house old rubbish
Fly-tipping in Drumcavel Road
Various bits of household and building waste in the drainage ditch by the path and just off the path.