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Fly-tipping in Lanarkshire

There have been 11 reports of fly-tipping in Lanarkshire over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Wellsquarry Road
Miscellaneous household, laminate
Fly-tipping in A726
Wooden decking dumped. JL17 PAV TRANSIT seen at scene
Fly-tipping in Peploe Drive
15 Peploe drive east Kilbride cut down large garden trees and dumped them in the woods
Fly-tipping in Caldercruix Road
Double mattress dumped on grass verge opposite entrance to Black Loch Fishery near Limerigg
Fly-tipping in B7078
Various, TV, tyres and many other items. Like many other lay bys.
Fly-tipping in Wellsquarry Road
Bags of garbage including tyres Empty oil containers Wood
Fly-tipping in Manse Brae
Mixed household waste, furniture, sofas all along the road. It’s needs urgent attention
Fly-tipping in The Oval
Fly-tipping in Drumcavel Road
A fridge, tyres, bin bags, etc., etc.. This is obviously a favourite spot for fly-tippers. Never been cleaned up, a disgrace to North Lanarkshire.
Fly-tipping in Yetts Hole Road
What’s left of the Caravan previously reported...
Fly-tipping in M8
Roof tiles
Fly-tipping in M8
Roof tiles