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Fly-tipping in Somerset

There have been 52 reports of fly-tipping in Somerset over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Fosse Lane
It looks like asbestos roofing sheets. It is roofing products like tiles, sheets and gutters.
Fly-tipping in Gaylard's Lane
Large black bag at entrance to Gaylard's Lane Chaffcombe.
Fly-tipping in Shackleton Road
Broken wood, old beds bed mattress chairs etc
Fly-tipping in Hutton Moor Lane
Several large furniture cushions and broken glass. This is a common occurrence here. Perhaps a sign could be put up saying fly tippers will be prosecuted. CCTV in operation. Just a thought!!!
Fly-tipping in Avishayes Road
Carpet, lampshades, roller blind etc. Also tinsel in a bucket plus other things! By the bridge in the gateway to a field.
Fly-tipping in Priddy
Matresses, fir tree cuttings and dumpy bag of rubbish. Dumped in a pull over area of the road between charter house and Priddy.
Fly-tipping in Hutton Moor Lane
Entrance to old golf course Hutton Moor Lane, large pain of glass now been smashed, danger to children and animals.
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
100m from Primary School. Near the Green House.
Fly-tipping in Coopers Mill
Black bags dumped outside of shop
Fly-tipping in Avishayes Road
.......still there!!!!
Fly-tipping in Hutton Moor Lane
Large sheet of broken glass and large car battery, entrance to old golf course Hutton Moor Lane. Next to the recycling centre. Would you believe it, thoughtless morons.
Fly-tipping in Barberry Drive
Tesco trolley