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Fly-tipping in Scotland

There have been 77 reports of fly-tipping in Scotland over the last month.

Fly-tipping in B1345
Masses of waste dumped in woodland
Fly-tipping in Carlisle Road
House clearance left by roadside
Fly-tipping in B9140
4 truck loads of waste material dumped on different occasions. Site managed by WiseEnergy, we paid over £3,000 for removal of waste material, final occasion caught truck responsible on a camera installed by the gate, dumped by ABH Ltd.
Fly-tipping in Peel Road
Rolls of carpet ; plastic buckets; pillows. General waste.
Fly-tipping in Grange Road
Was a bag off papers
Fly-tipping in Yellowhammer Drive
4 full black bin bags.
Fly-tipping in Dalry Road
Road work left over fly tipping
Fly-tipping in Garscube Terrace
Fly tipping on cycle path
Fly-tipping in Garscube Terrace
Litter along cycle path.
Fly-tipping in Queensferry Road
Fly tipping
Fly-tipping in Myvot Road
Road from Mollinsburn, through to Cumbernauld direction in lay-by. Totally ridiculous
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Black bin bags and other items dumped at edge of woods near Dunipace, on the back road to Plean! That whole road is a disgrace!!!!