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Fly-tipping in Hertfordshire

There have been 100 reports of fly-tipping in Hertfordshire over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Waterend Lane
On the side of the road. You won't miss it. Further along the same road, on the opposite side someone has also thrown some bin bags into the woods.
Fly-tipping in Holme Park
Plastic sleeves from saplings planted some months ago
Fly-tipping in Nightingale Lane
Builder’s waste by electricity pylon
Fly-tipping in Tittendell Lane
On byway - general garden building waste
Fly-tipping in North Orbital Road St Albans Road
Truck tyre, plastics, glasses bags and cans. Opposite Mullany’s coaches laybay.
Fly-tipping in Russell's Ride
Bed frame and bike dumped by flat 7 EN88SP last week
Fly-tipping in Benskin Road
Arm chair covered by a red sheet
Fly-tipping in Woodcock Hill
Half a dozen black bin bags on bend of road heading towards Coopers Green Lane on bend approx 250metres before Osprey store.
Fly-tipping in Radlett Road
A lot of waste partially blocking the road way. Metal and fabrics with some wood
Fly-tipping in Honeycroft Drive
Just dumped bags of waste (been there about a week)
Fly-tipping in Queens Avenue
Building / decorating materials on the corner of Chester road and queens avenue
Fly-tipping in School Lane
Mattress bedside cabinet toilet seat etc