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Fly-tipping in Hertfordshire

There have been 131 reports of fly-tipping in Hertfordshire over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Lilley Hoo Lane
Turn left onto lilley hoo lane off off Luton road
Fly-tipping in Codicote Road
Building materials. Sorry image is not correct, I did not take a photo and it would not let me report without it.
Fly-tipping in Birchway
Dumped push chair on path Birchway near nursery school entrance.
Fly-tipping in Richfield Road
Appliance dumped Richfield cut through
Fly-tipping in Richmond Road
Appliance and waste dumped
Fly-tipping in Langley Grove
Blue plastic with broken glass spilling out. 2nd or 3rd passing place in single track part of road heading away from Sandridge Junior School.
Fly-tipping in Princes Avenue
Household waste discarded on common
Fly-tipping in Plummers Lane
Garden waste dumped on Plummers Lane roadway
Fly-tipping in Radlett Road
Old refrigerator dumped in the bushes abt 10yds off the main road.
Fly-tipping in Franklin Close
Overflowing skip into public land, been there for months
Fly-tipping in Langley Grove
Several black plastic bags full of rubbish in first passing place of Woodcock Hill nearest Sandridge Primary School.
Fly-tipping in Great North Road
Leather sofa (cream) and garden waste dumped here.