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Fly-tipping in Scotland

There have been 175 reports of fly-tipping in Scotland over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Yetts Hole Road
Bin bags
Fly-tipping in Gatehead Crescent
Off Birch Rd on the approach to the bowling club. A pile of pallets that look as if they are ready for a bonfire. They are just off the dirt road under a tree.
Fly-tipping in Ballochney Road
House furniture carpets seats cooker kitchen units household waist bags
Fly-tipping in B825
Fridge, bed, mattress, general household items. Looks like dumped last night as wasn’t there yesterday
Fly-tipping in Broomhills Road
Several sites of dumped waste close together on Broomhills road including mattress, tyres and building materials
Fly-tipping in Condorrat Road
Plastic playhouse and other rubbish dumped over fence
Fly-tipping in Condorrat Road
Garden waste and cardboard box in lay-by on condorrat road
Fly-tipping in Muirdyke Road
Old mattresses
Fly-tipping in Well Road
Builders waste at lay-by to BT Exchange near Devils Beef Tub.
Fly-tipping in Bothwell Road
Items of household waste dumped on private and public park. Many mags but itesms from one nicole victoria mitchell
Fly-tipping in Bothwell Road
Public waste at bottom of carpark and in whitehill park.
Fly-tipping in Napier Place
Plastic bags full of rubbish. There was litter and Metal csanisters there last week They were removed but hasve since been replaced with these items I saw a Red Mini cooper leavev the area but I never got it's number plate