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Fly-tipping in Scotland

There have been 58 reports of fly-tipping in Scotland over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Hazel Avenue
Washing machine and some rubbish just behind the stairs outside the back gate to hazel avenue shops launderette side
Fly-tipping in Back O'Hill
Mainly car parts on the Houston Rd . Some of the stuff is on the road causing traffic to steer around it. What Three Word address included in one of the photos
Fly-tipping in A9
Garden waste and brash, large pile in lay-by/ passing place on road.
Fly-tipping in Park Terrace
Fly-tipping in B730
Random waste.
Fly-tipping in A939
Human waste
Fly-tipping in A939
Paint pots mattresses tyres empty containers, metal trolley
Fly-tipping in Spey Street
Car wheels, back of car park LHS. Car tyres, back of car park, RHS.
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Plastic, rattan effect, garden furniture in lay-by just south of Denny Substation on back road between Plean & Dunipace.
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
On back road between Dunipace & Plean top of footpath known locally as Hannah’s Brae on road side of cattle gate. Waste looks like a roll of linoleum.
Fly-tipping in A944
Wood chippings, old mattress and, dismantled table football and bush cuttings. It can be found coming off of the Kingswells roundabout heading towards Countesswells. The first opening on the right as you come off of the roundabout
Fly-tipping in Cawburn Road
Four black bags of household waste. If it doesn't get lifted the seagulls will tear the bags apart and spread the rubbish everywhere.