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Fly-tipping in England

There have been 2458 reports of fly-tipping in England over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Devon Expressway
large piece of timber moved from live lane onto verge at marker post 71/2 eastbound carriageway
Fly-tipping in Portland Avenue
I reported a small fridge that was dumped last week. Yesterday trollies full of garden rubbish has been dumped onto the same spot
Fly-tipping in Chaunterell Way
Huge amount of variety of waste, household stuff, DIY, kitchen, garden waste, glass, rubbish
Fly-tipping in Vann Road
Fridge (with names Bob, Dave and Kevin on it with cartoon characters); two glass doors; and box with Cooke and Lewis brand name on it. Just off Vann Road on farm track that is beginning of public footpath.
Fly-tipping in Abbey Road
Big wooden garden table
Fly-tipping in Fairby Road
Mattress dumped on wall/ pavement been 2 weeks reported 3 times on fix my street.
Fly-tipping in Lower Road
Mattresses, sofa, furniture
Fly-tipping in Waterloo Terrace
Mattress and frame
Fly-tipping in Melrose Walk
Table witch came from 335 abbey rd
Fly-tipping in Mill Lane
Overflowing bins so people are dumping their rubbish by the sides now. Foxes ripping open bags and we have had a big rat infestation in the last 12 months which I am concerned will start again due to this.
Fly-tipping in Shepley Avenue
Bedding boxes general household whippet creams
Fly-tipping in Invicta Road
Yet again Ben men and street cleaners not doing their job