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Fly-tipping in England

There have been 3475 reports of fly-tipping in England over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in High Street
How lovely for the rats!!!!! Surely off putting and disgusting for holidaymakers to see as well as is residents and businesses
Fly-tipping in Shakespeare Street
This is here regularly... But huge today
Fly-tipping in Brox Road
Black bin bags and wood
Fly-tipping in Porchestall Drove
Asbestos roofing - Thank you!
Fly-tipping in Fulmer Walk
Couch dumped in the woods. Fire hazard.
Fly-tipping in Quarry Street
This is the 2nd time reported shopping bag with soil
Fly-tipping in Scotia Road
About 30 filthy nappies a fridge and other raw household waste.
Fly-tipping in Little Corby Road
Toilet cistern and lid.
Fly-tipping in Trent Road
Building rubbish left in park area in builders bags behind house responsible. Since last summer
Fly-tipping in Cuckoo Lane
Household rubbish and clothing
Fly-tipping in West End
Paving stones dumped in parking area next to public footpath sign just west of west end garage Wolsingham.
Fly-tipping in Wingfield Road
Garden waste , rubble Next to the new school is a lane leading into woods , there is a low metal horse access gate . About 10 yards up from the gate to the left is a orchard where the gardeners from the garden to the right have been flytipping again